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Being at the forefront of a new technology has its perks.

Baggage check-in in the BAGTAG app illustration


Passengers can save time, manage their own baggage check-in, skip lines and overall have a better and more seamless experience.
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Being an airline that opts for fully digital check-in is special. You’re leading the way, setting new standards and redefining what’s possible.
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By removing the non-recyclable paper labels from the passenger journey we can save tons of paper each year. 


There are many ways and channels through which the BAGTAG product can be marketed. The end strategy is likely to be a mix of various concepts and the channels they require. Here are just a few examples:
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Sharing the airline’s latest technology with top-tier loyalty flyers will tremendously increase adoption with the exact right group, whilst simultaneously providing them with a straightforward reward for their membership.


The easiest way to reach as many customers as possible is through an online webshop. This is included in our e-commerce solution or you can set one up yourself/integrate the product in an existing shop. We will provide you with high-quality materials such as copywriting and images for your online shop. 


Passengers looking to improve their flight experience are the ideal audience for an introduction to digital baggage labelling. Provide them with an option to buy a BAGTAG during the booking process.

At the

The best place where flyers can get to know electronic bag tags through physical advertising. Fresh from the plane or just arriving at the airport, excited about their trip, is an excellent touchpoint to introduce them to your newest innovation. Especially at check-in and bag drop-off areas, where they can directly see the benefits of the product.

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